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[October 2010]

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Subject AuthorReplies DateLatest Reply
"disculpa las molestias" på norsk Susana 2 18/10/2010-10:02 19/10/2010-11:32
Los noruegos son unos sosetes? Marín 6 17/10/2010-11:20 15/09/2012-20:12
French - Norwegian (Students need help) Eva 1 13/10/2010-20:37 14/10/2010-01:14
Ayuda por favor Luisa 2 03/10/2010-22:33 18/10/2010-19:02
translation "Tak for Maden tante" Lali 2 02/10/2010-19:37 13/11/2010-20:26

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