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[January 2012]

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Subject AuthorReplies DateLatest Reply
Is a mobile version of Tri Trans coming? Lee 2 30/01/2012-10:51 01/02/2012-19:11
lei av? lei for? lei seg for? sol 3 27/01/2012-10:41 04/02/2012-18:58
speak Spanish and Norwegian raul 0 20/01/2012-15:04  
no pun intended Erica 2 13/01/2012-17:15 24/01/2012-22:13
Spansk til Norsk Daniel 0 10/01/2012-22:25  
Nytt ord Erlend Henriksen 11 10/01/2012-15:20 18/11/2013-21:18
Min spansk for din norsk Nel 0 07/01/2012-10:23  
Norwegian Possessive Determiners/Pronouns Beowulf 2 05/01/2012-12:58 05/01/2012-19:47

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