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[need some help:)]

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From: angel
Date: 25/02/2007-04:35

Hi, I have a few words that I need in English, hope someone can help:

+ a phrase: demokrati er skjørt (ok, it is clear it's not a skirt this refers

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From: Louis ( (
Date: 25/02/2007-21:34
Skjør is an adjective that means 'delicate, fragile' So the neuter form 'skjørt'
is used with demokrati (an et noun)

Democracy is fragile. Makes sense to me.

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From: angel
Date: 25/02/2007-21:45
Thank you Louis :)

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From: Martha
Date: 28/02/2007-17:43
Hei, tror det enkleste ville være å gå etter kleskode, type "Black Tie",
"formal" e.l,


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