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[need some help:)]

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From: angel
Date: 25/02/2007-04:35

Hi, I have a few words that I need in English, hope someone can help:

+ a phrase: demokrati er skjørt (ok, it is clear it's not a skirt this refers

Reply #1
From: meg
Date: 25/02/2007-11:09
Stivpyntet: Dressed up
Spleiselag: Dutch treat
Demokrati er skjørt: Democracy is fragility

hilsen meg

Reply #2
From: angel
Date: 25/02/2007-14:04
Thank you so much for your help...

Reply #3
From: stan
Date: 27/02/2007-09:05
this site fucking suck!!! i cant find anything!!!!!

Reply #4
From: Peter
Date: 31/01/2011-15:57
I agree to the poster above, i know its a old post but i could not help my
frustration. I searched for a simple word like "proponent" and got no hits. I
guess this site is for elementary school level words. For more advanced ones,
use google translate instead, i got more hits there.

Reply #5
From: Webmaster (
Date: 27/02/2011-09:58

Stan, if you can't find anything at all. Be sure that you select the right
language with the radio button.

Peter, I'm sorry that the word you looked up was not there. TriTrans
continuously adds new words to the dictionary, and "proponent" is now added to
the word list.

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