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From: halabund
Date: 25/02/2007-15:38

If I look up 'tide' in the Norwegian dictionary, I get a page that says:
see i tide, see på tide
but both of these links return "not found"

Reply #1
From: Nikolai
Date: 25/02/2007-17:02
"Tide" is no norwegian word. But maby you did mean "tid" that means time, or
maby you did mean "i tide" that means in time.

Reply #2
From: louis ( (
Date: 25/02/2007-21:30
på tide means 'it's about time, it's high time)
i god tid == to be on time

Reply #3
From: halabund
Date: 26/02/2007-11:34
Thanks for all the replies. :)

Reply #4
From: boh3m3
Date: 27/02/2007-09:14
i nede some help with a norwegian  word... and hope you can helpe me. the word i
don't understand is ''utstoppet''

Reply #5
From: Webmaster
Date: 27/02/2007-13:47

"på tide" and "i tide" are now in the dictionary. Thank you for pointing out
this error.

"utstoppet" is also added, it means "stuffed".
Ex. "Et utstoppet elghode" = "A stuffed moose head".


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