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From: z
Date: 14/11/2004-20:40

Is this a norwegian text?
What does "pep" mean?

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From: Arne Bjermeland ( (
Date: 15/11/2004-18:35
Yes, it is.  It is from a famous collection of (fairy) tales.
Pep is the past tense of the verb å pipe, which means to whine or whistle, i.e.
make a high whining or whistling sound, in this case made by the wind.

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From: kimmy
Date: 24/11/2004-19:13
Well.. Arne got a point, but it can also be
a sound from an animal..
"Musen pep"
Well, i can't transl. but it is a sound that the mice maks..

Reply #3
From: saba (-) (-)
Date: 25/11/2004-14:59
yeah thats right... musen pep
the mice made a noice !

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