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[Any recognise this norwegian silversmith?]

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From: nick schouela (
Date: 28/11/2004-23:37

Trygve B. Sunde. anyone know who he is? And what exactly does sølvsmed mean? I
have sterling silver (with possible gold plating) spoons that I canot trace.
please email me @ if you have any information on this.

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From: Arne ( (
Date: 01/12/2004-23:15
I do not know who Trygve B. sunde is, but sølvsmed means silversmith.  In Norway
this is usually the owner of a silverware store, and who also carries out
repairs, etc.

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From: nick
Date: 10/12/2004-03:32
thanks.If anyone recognizes the name please tell me.

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