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["Det går vilt for seg" - hva betyr det ?]

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From: Tim
Date: 23/04/2008-13:11

I'm guessing it means something like "things are hotting up" men jeg er ikke
helt sikker...

Blir veldig glad for svar !


Reply #1
From: Vicente
Date: 23/04/2008-19:31
 Sorry Tim.
 I'm not sure, but I believe it means "To be in hot water", "to be in a
complicated, difficult situation" .

  Good luck. Vicente.

Reply #2
From: Anna
Date: 24/04/2008-12:24
It means that things are out of control, people do what they want without any
respect for rules and laws, etc.

It is also being used in debates when you want to point out that the other
person's meanings are totally unlogical, and just madness.

Reply #3
From: Tim
Date: 24/04/2008-14:23
Tusen takk Anna !  Seems to be a very commonly used expression in Norwegian.

BTW. a couple of very minor corrections to your English (I hope you don't

1) The word "unlogical" doesn't exist in English.  You have to say "illogical"
(the opposite of "logical").

2) In your second sentence, I would've used the word "arguments" instead of

Tusen takk igjen for hjelpen !


Reply #4
From: Jarle
Date: 05/05/2008-10:50
"Vilt" means crazy. I think Anna is putting it in a negative context, while
really, it 
can be used in a postive context to. As in:

- Hvordan var festen? (How was the party?)
- Det gikk vilt for seg (It was crazy)

Reply #5
From: Tim
Date: 17/05/2008-14:25
Takk Jarle!

BTW, would it be wrong to say, "Den gikk vilt for seg"?  Since you are referring
to "festen" which is masculine...


Reply #6
From: Ola
Date: 22/05/2008-19:48
No. That would not be wrong, but a better, and more common way to say it would

Hvordan var festen?
Den var bra. Det gikk vilt for seg.

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