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[Please help to translate in english]

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From: Sfraahn
Date: 16/09/2009-11:36

please what does that in english mean. i tried different translation websites,
but it doesn`t make sense...

mange kyss alle andre steder enn der du vil! 

thanks in advance!

Reply #1
From: El Kaxo
Date: 16/09/2009-16:34
A literal translation would be something like "lots of kisses on all other
places than where you want to (be kissed)".

"Other places" could mean 'other parts of the body' or 'other locations', but I
guess the first one is the case in this matter.

So this person is probably trying to say (in a very informal way): Lots of
kisses on all the parts of the body where you don't wanna be kissed!

Reply #2
From: Sfraahn
Date: 16/09/2009-17:57
thank you :)

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