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[Hav betyr "går mot" på engelsk?]

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From: Lee
Date: 24/02/2010-13:43


Does anyone know what "går mot" means in English?


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From: K-Man
Date: 24/02/2010-19:29
Depends on the context. Do you have more?

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From: Lee
Date: 25/02/2010-09:46
I thought it meant "I tend to do something" as in "I usually do something" but
perhaps it could also mean "I give my attention to something". Also I hear
things like "Når det går mot helg!" which I translate as "The weekend is coming
/ drawing near" but maybe that's just an idiom of some sort.

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From: K-Man
Date: 25/02/2010-23:18
Usually it's referring to something in the near future, like "det går mot vår"
(spring is upon us / near), "kampen går mot uavgjort" (the match is heading
towards a draw).

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From: Lee
Date: 26/02/2010-16:44

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From: Pinky
Date: 03/03/2010-18:29
"går mot" indicates the (likely) result of an ongoing prosess/change.

"Det går mot et et uavgjort resultat i fotballkampen". "Det går mot vanskelige
tider for bøndene."

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