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[translation "Tak for Maden tante"]

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From: Lali (
Date: 02/10/2010-19:37

I want to know what "Tak for Maden tante!" means. I believe it is "Thanks for
the food, Aunt!" but I can't find it in the Norwegian dictionary as such. I find
"tak" and "Maden" in the Danish dictionary instead.
Can anybody help me?
Thank you!

Reply #1
From: K-Man
Date: 02/10/2010-19:58
"Thanks for the food, Aunt!" is correct. In modern Norwegian it's "Takk for
maten, tante!".

As you probably know, Norwegian and Danish are pretty close, so "Tak for Maden
Tante" is either Danish or 'old Norwegian'. :)

Reply #2
From: me
Date: 13/11/2010-20:26
actually, it means "Thanks for Food" it a a Danish song blessing food

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