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[Ris, ras]

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From: Webmaster
Date: 24/11/2010-10:58


I'm reading a story and I want to know what the "hice ris, ras" part in the
following sentence means:

"Fui yo, hice ris, ras, en las cortinas, ....".


Reply #1
From: Vicente
Date: 24/11/2010-18:15
 Hei Webmaster.

     This depends on the context.  Maybe:

   1) I opened the curtain, first whit the right hand (ris) and then with the
left one(ras)

   2) I tore the curtain, first with the right hand (ris) then with the left one

   Ris and ras is the "sound" when one cloth is torn.

  M.v.h. Vicente

Reply #2
From: Webmaster
Date: 24/11/2010-19:55
Thank you Vicente,

that makes sense.


Reply #3
From: Maricarmen
Date: 30/11/2010-10:55
Hi webmaster :):

 although I do not write in the forum, I always take time to read what happens
ris ras = sound of the curtains when they move or close.
I am happy to say hello and hope you are well

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