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[Please translate to Norwegian]

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From: AB
Date: 14/03/2004-12:04

Dear Madams and Sirs,

In the time period I lived and worked in Norway, I have heard about some
Norwegian companies, which have been investing in Vietnam. With the resettlement
and wishing to find a job, I am writting to you to apply a chance of working in
your company.

When I was a student I had worked as a tutor, a salesperson, and an accountant.
I got fairly good gradution degree from the Economic University, Business
administration faculty, in Sai gon in 1998. I lived and worked as a packaging
operator at Polimoon Company in Kambo, Moss, Norway from 1999 to January 2004.
At that time, I hadde been observed as an assiduous, hard-working, and
co-operative member. I have a fair knowledge of the Norwegian, English languages
and the ability of the common worked experience. Besides, I am also able to work
independent working, with full responsibility. 

Dear Madams and Sirs, I should be very grateful if you give me an appointment to
interview and the chance to work in your company. Please reply to by phone.

Your sincerely,

PS: I attach the diploma and the concerned papers.

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