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[Some Help for someone?]

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From: Monik
Date: 21/02/2006-21:14

Hei vennem
...i just write this ´cause i´m a little confused ... This is a Text of some
song..but it is in Norgegian and i can find some meaning for some words and for
that i can´t understand some statements. so if anybody can helpme with this i
really aprecite your help ... Thancks and See u soon.. 

På Leting
Kem e eg? 
koffår leve me her å nå? 
kem er du? 
ka vil skje i framtiå 

Fins det fler? 
e der någen som passe på? 
e der svar? 
vil me någen gang vida mer? 

Me havet der finne eg ro 
ro te å ver meg sjøl 
ta meg me 
og led meg på min vei 

Tankene flykte me 
te et ukjent sted 
kom me meg 
så vil du se din vei 

De e mørkt 
eg vett at tiå går å går 
redd å kal 
prøve å finna et svar på alt 

De e ikje lett å forstå 
Koffår jordå miste sin glød 
Me maktens hån 
Kem bestemme over liv å død

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From: phoenix
Date: 22/02/2006-10:58
Hi. This song is written in some kind of dialect, so I understand why it's hard
to translate some of the words ;) I made a very simple translation now, so if
you're gonna use it in an exam or something like that you should get another
person to translate it better ;P
I hope this helps you out a bit though!

Who am I?
Why do we live here and now?
Who are you?
What will happen in the future

Is there anyone else?
Is there anyone who watches over (us) ?
Are there answers?
Will we ever get to know more?

By the ocean I find peace
Peace to be myself
Take me with you
And lead me on my way

My thoughts take me
To a strange place
Come with me
Then you'll see your way

It is dark
I know that the time goes and goes
Scared and cold
Trying to find an answer to everything

It is not easy to understand
Why the earth loses its spark
With the hand of power
Who decides/controls life and death

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From: Monik
Date: 25/02/2006-05:37
Hei phoenix
sorry for my late response.. btw you help me soo much as i can read there´s a
text in some aniways thanks for your big help I really apreciate

A Big Kiss and Hugs..Monik

Reply #3
From: Midnattsol (
Date: 25/03/2006-13:41
THIS IS WORLD'S BEST SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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