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From: michele
Date: 22/03/2004-22:37

does "vredesbyrd" mean anything?

Reply #1
From: alf helge
Date: 24/03/2004-11:25
No, absolutely nothing whatsoever,although appearently the group Dimmu Borgir
has named one of their songs "Vredesbyrd". The two parts of the words are vrede
=wrath, and byrd = birth, ancestry, class. So I suppose that the group may have
juxtaposed those, and more or less invented this term, with a meaning possibly
of their own.  Which of course they are totally entitled to (linguistic
innovation). The word gives off a kind of Old Norse,antiquated scent.  You
certainly wouldn't hear Norwegians use it in everyday speech ("Hey, what
happened to your vredesbyrd?" "Oh, my vredesbyrd is hurting really bad!" I don't
think so!)

Reply #2
From: michele
Date: 24/03/2004-23:14
Thank you so much for your answer! In my searches for translation I also found
"vrede" and "byrd" but the actual meaning was elusive. On a different forum I
found "Cognition of wrath" (didn't make too much sense).

Reply #3
From: Enigma
Date: 10/10/2004-22:08
Where can i find a translation to the whole song?

Reply #4
From: Rickard
Date: 11/01/2007-12:10
I understand the whole song becouse I'm Swedish, suckers! xD

Reply #5
From: Drakken
Date: 05/01/2011-11:49
There is a live video on YouTube with subtitles in English and Norwegian.

Reply #6
From: kaine
Date: 18/10/2011-02:13
vrede means peace...

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