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[Is this Norwegian or what??]

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From: benji (
Date: 04/05/2004-17:31

I would appreciate any help translating this phrase:

Linen (or tinen, zinen?) rod (line thru center of o) er faa (? f does not have
line across but is curved to right at top) fod (again, line thru center of o and
f does not have center cross line and curves to right at top).

linen rod er faa fod

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From: Webmaster
Date: 04/05/2004-23:54

This was a puzzle. Is this painted on something (tine = wooden box) with

It is old, today we write
saa = så
sød = søt

An old s (gothic) is simmilar to an f, so this can read:

Tinen rød er så søt.

The red wooden box is so cute.

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From: benji (
Date: 06/05/2004-13:59
you are so lovely to reply with great help!
yes, it is on an old tine with (i think) os style rosemaling.  what did you mean
by a puzzle - that it was hard to figure out?  the tine has a red background
with the rosemaling - i think it may be later 1800s - any clue as to the age
since the language form is old?  i thought the tines were to carry food - what
would the meaning be with this phrase and what else might it have been used for?
 the tine was bought in pennsylvania but i think it is possible it was made
either in norway or done by an immigrant here?  any additional help is so very
much appreciated!  you are sweet to take the time.

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From: Webmaster
Date: 06/05/2004-18:19
Hi again.

No problem :-)

The first time I read the message I did not see the meaning, but by putting the
pieces together I figured it out, like a puzzle.

I am not an expert in artefacts like this, but a tine was mostly used for
storing butter.

The age can be as you say, but I guess later painters could copy old sayings
like this.

It is an old custom to paint sayings like this with rosemaling. This one did not
have a deep meaning, but it was nice. Especially on drinking bowls this is a
really old custom, usually with some wise words.


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