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From: Britta Kallevang (
Date: 11/09/2006-04:33

Hei !

Does anyone know what 'å gi slipp på seg' means? My hunch is  --- to give up 
on oneself -- but I don't know.



Reply #1
From: Siv
Date: 13/09/2006-15:27
I'm not sure what it is ment to mean exactly, but "Å gi slipp på" means - to let
go. but "seg" -one selves in this text, i do not know... sure it is "seg" and
not "deg"/"meg"? makes more sence.. "to let you/me go" otherwise...

"to let go of one selves"... 
hope this was of any help :-)

Reply #2
From: Britta Kallevang (
Date: 14/09/2006-15:25
Siv --

Thanks! Yes, 'seg' is the reflexive form -- so it's "å gi slipp på meg'. 



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