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[Spanish questionmark?]

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From: Liz
Date: 27/09/2006-17:29

Anyone who knows how to write the spanish questionmark (the one up side down) on
the pc? Please help!
Answers accepted in both english and norwegian =)

Reply #1
From: eva
Date: 27/09/2006-17:55
Hei !

Trykk ALT 168(tall på høyre side)- så får du ¿
Hvis du trykker ALT 173 - får du ¡

Lykke til =)

Reply #2
From: Liz
Date: 27/09/2006-21:03
Tuuusen takk =D

Reply #3
From: Enrique
Date: 02/10/2006-11:32
¿Usas teclado noruego o inglés? En teclado noruego yo uso Alt Gr + Shift + ?


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