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[referrer information & search plugins]

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From: Szabolcs
Date: 27/09/2006-23:34

TriTrans does not work if the referrer information is not passed. This makes it
impossible to use search plugins (e.g., in Firefox), because when searching from
the browser, there is no referrer.

It would be very useful to make using search plugins possible. Is there any
chance that this would be allowed?

Reply #1
From: Webmaster ( (
Date: 28/09/2006-10:21
Plugins for Firefox exist. See link above.
However I know that at least one of them is not working. I will take a look at
this when I have some free time.

Feel free to make your own plugins, send an email to webmaster if you need an

Reply #2
From: Szabolcs
Date: 28/09/2006-11:09
Thanks for the quick reply!

All three plugins are working fine and now I can also make my own quick search
bookmarks based on them. :)

Reply #3
From: Roberto
Date: 01/02/2011-10:41
Dear webmaster,

The link provided for firefox search plugins doesn't give any results, and the
referer parameter is blocking me from developing a plugin. Is there any



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