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[Translation between portugese - english]

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From: Norwegian lad!
Date: 28/09/2006-18:29

Hey, i hope anyone can translate this, i dont know if its spanish or portugese.
(please tell if you know)

pegala, mi gata gangster, sin miedo.
La que conmigo es afuego.
Loca con el rebuleo y campea por lo de ella porque sabe que la velo


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From: tuborg
Date: 28/09/2006-20:17

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From: reggae
Date: 28/09/2006-23:02
ese es reggaeton!

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From: juan (
Date: 29/09/2006-20:43
Something like this in spanish ( is a spanish caribean)

Knock, my ganster cat, no fear.
that with my is to fire (as a mark for all the life)
Mad with the ??? (rebuleo??? y campea????) .... this part is without sense... 

Is a rarely spanish, some words no have sense in the sentence.

Good luck

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From: Norwegian lad
Date: 30/09/2006-00:09
Thanks, =) i think maybe its some kinda slang in portugese and spanish, or
something, thanks so much anyways

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From: :)
Date: 30/09/2006-02:53
This are SPANISH words (it can be to write in bad way or it can be specific word
from some latin america areas)

But, they are Spanish words

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