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[Workplace-safe advertising]

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De: lngrid
Fecha: 19/08/2008-05:55

Today an advertisement for Zango was on the Tritrans page. It was advertising
movies of Jessica Simpson and showed sexy pictures of her in wet or very little
clothing. This makes a big problem for those of us who use Tritrans a lot in
workplaces where such images are not accepted! I would be very happy to click on
any other kinds of advertising links Tritrans has, just to help it pay its
bills, but please keep the content acceptible for workplaces.

Repuesta #1
De: Webmaster
Fecha: 20/08/2008-22:01
For your information.

TriTrans filters out annoying ads containg sound and flashing images. Webmaster
can't see anything wrong with Jessica Simpson in
bikini. However, you should read this before clicking on the link: Zango.

Advertising network running this ad: 
ValueClick Media Online Advertising Network

Repuesta #2
De: Paris Hilton
Fecha: 09/09/2008-20:32
Jessica Simpson is hot, but not nearly as HOT as me...LOL!

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