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[Possible to add words to dictionary?]

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De: Carl (
Fecha: 12/08/2005-17:40

Jeg liker tritrans fordi jeg snakker norsk engelsk og spansk men sería mejor aún
si tuvieramos la posibilidad de agregar palabras al diccionario ... I don´t know
if this is possible but at least in my case about 50% of the time that I look up
a word, it is not there. 

Jeg håper tritrans skal forbedre om fremtiden.

takk for det godt arbeidet, 

Carl Axness, Albuquerque, NM, USA

Repuesta #1
De: Darío (
Fecha: 13/08/2005-02:27
Only the webmaster can add words at the dictionary, else, if any user could add
a word, it would be sure that the vandals and idiots of the wide will add
stupids words like:

"Engelsk: weewrewr
Spansk: dsfg
Norsk: erthehthtrg"

And that type of stupidness.


PD: Sorry for my grammar.

Repuesta #2
De: Webmaster (
Fecha: 17/08/2005-21:31
Carl and Darío.

Thank you for your comments. I assure you that TriTrans is a "living"
dictionary. Words are added regularly.
If you find a translation that is wrong, or you may have a better translation
you can send an e-mail to the webmaster, or even better use the forum.

Finn Reiersgård

Repuesta #3
De: harald (
Fecha: 22/08/2005-13:34
well, dario, there are some good examples of good user built sources on the net
like the online dictionaries at - yet, the translation bit is
poor if existing

Maybe we could start with the first wikitranslation service bases on tritrans?


Repuesta #4
De: Darío (
Fecha: 23/08/2005-05:56
Really, Harald. The Wiktionary is a good product of the Wikimedia, but we need
to remember that there are many users (wikipedists) in charged to combat in
exchange for the valdalism, and in TriTrans only we have to the poor webmaster
:P, else, if the Webmaster thinks it is possible to make a TriTrans available
for modifications, then the things changes.

I think this dictionary is very good so is it. With the living forum and
dictionary we not need to modify directly the dictionary, we can tell to the
webmaster about a Word in this forum and Right!

I think so.


PS: Sorry for the grammar.

Repuesta #5
De: Villi
Fecha: 14/09/2005-21:00
I think this is the best norwegian-english/english-norwegian dictionary on the
net. For spanish I can't really tell.

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