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[Det, det som, hva]

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De: Lee
Fecha: 21/11/2014-22:34

Can anyone help me understand when I should use det, det som and hva 
when in English I would simply use "what" or rarely "that which"?

For example:
1. Jeg ville høre HVA han hadde å fortelle - I wanted to hear WHAT he had 
to say.
2. Ingen kan gi oss tilbake DET SOM allerede er vårt - no one can give us 
back WHAT / THAT WHICH is already ours.
3. Det var DET SOM skjedde der og da - that is WHAT happened then and 
4. Jeg vil kaste den i elven, silk at vannet kan slukke DET ilden har skrevet 
- I will throw it in the river so that the water can extinguishes WHAT the fire

has written.

What are the grammatical rules surrounding how I should use DET, HVA 
and DET SOM?

Thanks for helping :)

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