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Fra: emberke
Dato: 20/03/2007-08:37

I am a bit confused about the meaning of these words. I thought that 'denne' =
'this' and 'den' = 'that' but the dictionary suggests that 'denne' can also mean
'that' (that, yon). So what is the difference between them and what is the
correct usage for 'denne'?

Svar #1
Fra: Fox1113 (
Dato: 20/03/2007-08:51
Im not a pro, but i can come whit a suggestion..

this is mine = denne er min (cuz i have it in my hand, its close to me)

If i mean a car at the other side of the street, i would say, 

that car over there = den bilen der

conclusion; that car = den bilen (something we cant touch, only see)
            this car = denne bilen (something we can see and touch ) 

i think there are rules about this, so wait for more people to answer..

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